About Jon Frank

My name is Jonathan Frank, I am an attorney in Richmond, and you can not only look up my business, The Frank Law Firm, PC on the web (as you obviously have), you can call me Jon.

I have been a trial lawyer since 1987, and I have practiced law in Los Angeles California and Chicago Illinois, before returning home to Michigan some 25 years ago. I have been in Richmond MI for the last 11 of those 25 years, and I am not going anywhere; Richmond is my home.

I moved to Richmond from my home in northwest suburban Detroit, to be with my partner, my wife Pam, a Registered Nurse and frontline healthcare hero. When I moved to Richmond, I noticed that there were no local auto accident, personal injury or drunk driving attorneys in an area where people like to know who they are dealing with. People who needed this type of legal help either went down to the Detroit area, or up to Port Huron; while lawyers in those locations may well be fine attorneys and people, they are not exactly “around the corner”, as folks around here like.

I have been active in Richmond community affairs and activities; people know me in this area. We do business together, we socialize together, we go to each other’s celebrations and occasions of sadness; I know them and they know me.

Folks in Macomb & St. Clair Counties no longer have to hire a big firm to handle their injury, drunk driving or probate matter; they no longer have to take a chance that the lawyer they met in Detroit or Southfield might (and probably will) shunt their case off, to one of their junior associates. With The Frank Law Firm, PC, Northern Macomb/St. Clair Counties has a well-experienced, seasoned attorney right around the corner.

My job is to leave people better off than I found them, whether that means a financial trial verdict or settlement that will help make their lives better, or the dismissal of unfounded criminal charges. Dozens of my clients have been able to buy homes with the money I got them in financial settlements of injury cases. I have been able to arrange the dismissal of felony charges in criminal cases, at preliminary examination hearings that many lawyers simply do not fight, because supposedly, “the prosecution always wins”. Let me tell you; the prosecution does not always win.

I am not only a lawyer, but I have been a client as well. That means I understand.

Being a client is extremely stressful, so leaving people better off than I found them may mean keeping clients posted on their cases, even when they do not ask what is going on. I blind copy by email, everything that I do on clients’ cases, so that they not only know what I am doing, they know when I am doing it.

Leaving people better off may mean helping them in some other way, even if that means referring a case to another attorney, in an area of the law that I do not deal with. Like I said, my job is to leave people better off than I found them.

When I am not pushing my clients’ cases toward the outcomes we want, you may find me hiking the local country roads, bicycling on the Macomb-Orchard Trail in the spring and summer, or hitting the Peloton in the winter. I am blessed with family and friends, and a Border Collie named “Mickey”, who remind me daily, just how lucky a guy I am.

Give me a call anytime, Jon Frank at (586) 727-1900. All consultations are free, and if you have a legal issue of any kind, give me a call, and I will do everything I can to help.