Use of Social Media

While Represented By Counsel

Can I use my Facebook, Twitter, or other social media pages, if I have a case going on with a lawyer?


You can, but you need to understand that whatever you say on social media is being monitored by Prosecutors and insurance company adjusters, the very same people you don’t want to share information with.

This is why I tell my clients to refrain if at all possible, from using social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat & other sites not mentioned here – while the case is going on.

Insurance companies and Prosecutors ROUTINELY monitor social media sites, directly, and through “social media aggregators”, that enable them to search multiple sites at once.  They are specifically trained to start their social media investigation on you, as soon as they have heard your name for the first time; this is to prevent you hindering their investigative efforts, by “scrubbing” your page, or taking down your pages, entirely.  

Your social media posts may be completely innocent, such as holding a newborn, or bicycling with friends, etc.  Your conduct may arguably not be consistent with your claims.  Usually, it is simply the spin of a lawyer or insurance adjuster who argues that your conduct is not consistent with your claims.  It may or may not be consistent.  If your abilities/conduct really are inconsistent with your claims, you will have bigger things to worry about, than just losing your case, and ticking off your lawyer; you may be committing a crime, if your claims are not truthful.

Insurance companies and Prosecutors are not only interested in your conduct and claims, they are interested in identifying your friends, so that they can continue their investigation, even when you take down your social media pages.

As a result, you must not only refrain from using social media, while this case is going on, you need to make sure — without posting — that your friends are not posting words or pictures about you.

Cases can be lost, by not following these instructions.  If you have any questions, call 877-FRANK-LAW, or hit my website,

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